Kouvola RRT Enables New Forms of Service

Kouvola Rail and Road Terminal enables new operating models, development, and innovative rail and road logistics services. Connections, capacity, and services of the terminal are equally available for all.

The new intermodal terminal is especially suitable for forwarding and transport companies, goods handling operators, and storage and terminal service companies. Plots for logistics or production companies are being built in the immediate vicinity of Kouvola RRT.

Railgate Finland Manages the Terminal Like a Seaport Company

The terminal management company Railgate Finland Ltd. offers operating opportunities by leasing the terminal areas and premises like a port company. We tailor our own services to meet the needs of the companies operating in the area.

We are looking for partners to complement the service offering in the area.

Kouvola RRT enables for example temporary storage before export to ports or from the port to the production plant. The terminal could also serve as a container depot.

Railgate Finland provides gate services, vehicle recognition and traffic guidance services, and vehicle weigh-in services.



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